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We deliver high quality services through highly skilled technical consultants, providing the type of flexibility that ensures projects run smoothly.


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Miltec Engineering is an Energy Consulting firm that is dedicated to offering innovative and reliable Technical Due Diligence and energy efficiency solutions. Our products and services are rooted in engineering and driven by innovation, passion, state of the art equipment and world experience. Miltec Engineering’ experience acquired working across several African countries, and gained over multi sector industries, has provided the expertise to effectively deliver practical solutions across industry. We offer energy consumers reliable opportunities to resolve their energy challenges, through energy conservation strategies for sustainable outcomes.

Our Engineering Model

Miltec Engineering works through the ESCO model that is fashioned around the principles of maximizing on operational efficiency, reducing energy costs and enhancing sustainability of energy solutions.

This is applied by adopting an approach that is client focused and solution oriented. Anchored on our core values of redesigned innovation and redefined professionalism, we embrace our clients’ goals and apply creativity, experience and integrity to focus on delivering energy efficiency solutions.


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